Review: Missha M Magic Cushion Spf 50

It"s time to đánh giá this ultra popular cushion compact: Missha M Magic Cushion.

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BB Cushions are a sweet treat brought lớn us by Korea (and we"ll forever thank Kbeauty for that!). The thing is so clever that it makes me wonder why nobody thought about this before. BB creams are here to lớn stay: who doesn"t love that natural glow & "woke up like this" sensation only BBs can give? Plus, BBs differ from the usual foundation because they contain skincare ingredients in their formula. But these darlings can be a little tricky to lớn apply if you don"t have a mirror with you or worry about touching your skin with your fingers after that oh-so-tasty-midday-burger. When it comes lớn coverage, nobody beats the convenience of pressed powders & the pro-finish of sponges. But, yikes, pressed powder doesn"t work for everyone & tends khổng lồ get super duper cakey. And cakeyphobia is a real thing (or maybe it isn"t)! 12 out of 10 people wearing foundation will just sit & cry after seeing those patches of foundation cracked on their skin. Sighs. 



What"s a BB cushion, you ask?

BB cushions combine the beauty of BB creams formulas with the practicality of pressed powders. You get the wonderful no-makeup look but keep your fingers tidy. Plus, BB cushions have high-tech puffs that lay over the sản phẩm smoothly. Everyone fell in love with beauty blenders because we humans are flawed, but đáng yêu sponges aren"t! When using a sponge, you"re sure that only the necessary amount of product is going to lớn be deposited on the skin and the excess will be gradually reabsorbed. That"s where BB cushions score once again: their smart system releases only the wise amount of product, and the puff ensures perfect application!

Missha M Magic Cushion is Missha"s entry-version of the celebrated BB cushions. It has a sober & yet classy packaging that is easy to lớn carry around. I like to keep mine in my handbag, as I"m always in too much of a hurry to do any makeup steps at trang chủ and gives me the peace of mind that, if the day turns out into a soirée, I have my BB cushion with me. Beware that if you take this pretty cushion out in a public space, people will be coming over to lớn ask you what it is và where you can buy it (the answer is! haha). 




To keep your BB cushion tidy, wash the puff every 1-2 weeks with makeup remover or a cleansing oil, just like you would bởi with your makeup brushes. Let it dry naturally và it is ready to lớn go. Another interesting idea behind the concept of BB cushions is that you can easily replace the old sponge with a new refill. That makes BB cushions the eco-friendlier version of makeup products out there. 


Ingredients and Shades

The formula is simple and follows Missha"s focus on results. The formula changes slightly depending on the shade of your choice (there are currently 3 shades available: n.21 Light Beige, n.

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23 Natural Beige, và n.27 Honey beige), but they are all free of alcohol or parabens (we love you, Missha!). Among the key ingredients, you"ll find Bamboo Water (refreshing), Baobab Tree Fruit (hydrating), and Witch Hazel (calming & soothing). Although many Korean brands tend to focus on light-pinkish shades, Missha has started to embrace more diversity. We would love to lớn see darker shades coming along!

If you"re in doubt, Missha adopts the same palette of shades for their entire sản phẩm line. That means you will be n.X always, no matter the makeup product. In this post, I"m wearing n.21 which is a pale beige with a pink undertone. If I would be a bit more than, n.23 would be the better choice. Although still on the fair side, n.23 is a warm yellow/golden undertone, which looks beautiful & makes me want khổng lồ go khổng lồ the beach so I can use it! N.27 is for the goddesses: this honey beige shade looks beautiful on medium-tone skins (think of Camilla Coelho and her softly rã skin) và is a safe ally during this spring/summer season. 




The coverage is Missha"s surprise element! I would describe Missha M Magic Cushion as a high medium-full coverage formula, because it does a class-job in covering imperfections. If you prefer a flawless look over the lighter coverages afforded by most BB creams, this cushion will put a smile on your face. I would recommend this for those who want an almost foundation type of coverage and are dealing with blemishes and imperfections. Two other bonuses worth mentioning are the long-lasting duration (this BB cushion lasts up khổng lồ 12h) and the wide spectrum sun protection (SPF 50+). If you want a trusted formula that will also redeem you from applying sunscreen, Missha has your back. If you are going khổng lồ spend the day outdoors though, you"ll need a separate sunscreen (to be reapplied every 2-3h). 



(Missha M Magic Cushion n.21 Light Beige)


In terms of finish, the formula contains anti-caking ingredients which means dewy, glossy look. You won"t find matte finish in Korean skincare, because the chok-chok look Korean women dream of is a fresh, hydrated, baby-skin type of thing, và matte is simply not a desirable look in the land of Missha. After being preached to matte skin and living under the dominance of zero-radiance times, people of this generation have open their eyes khổng lồ the beauty of choc-choc skin & how a luminous glow is akin to a healthy complexion. If your face gets shinier throughout the day, use the puff khổng lồ touch-up the oily zones. Missha M Magic Cushion blots excess oil, keeping your skin fresh throughout the day. Missha is the queen of BB creams, enough said!



The verdict

Missha M Magic Cushion outperforms many BB creams out there. It scores high in:

formula: miễn phí of alcohol or parabens, it contains a set of natural ingredients & anti-caking agents to lớn give you a dewy look. Plus, it has SPF 50!duration: this BB cushion stays put the whole day and can be easily retouched khổng lồ blot excess oils or moisturise drier areas of the skincoverage: this buildable formula goes from medium lớn full coverage in the blink of an eye. If you want khổng lồ look totally flawless, go for it!packaging: classy & discreet, Missha M Magic cushion contains a handy mirror, a clever puff for perfect application, a separator to lớn make the product last longer, & a sponge soaked in BB cream that gives you the right amount of product in every application. reusable: wash your puff every other week và your BB cushion will stay neat for longer. Both cushion and the puff can be easily replaced with a refill, making this a more eco-friendly product. 

Find Missha M Magic Cushion at and don"t forget to check our entire collection of BB creams & cushions.