maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Did you know your lashes grow in more than just one layer? New Lash Sensational Mascara unfolds layer upon layer of lashes for the new full tín đồ effect.

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Try New Lash Sensational Mascara from Maybelline thành phố new york for a sensational full tín đồ effect. Our first patented fanning brush with 10 layers of bristles reveals a full flourish of lashes. Liquid Ink formula from all sides.

1) Use inner curve khổng lồ reach the roots of lashes 2) Follow through tips of lashes with longer bristles to tín đồ out




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Another one of my favourite Maybelline mascaras! Absolutely love this mascara because it’s not clumpy at all, and the texture is quite thin so there’s not a heap of mascara on your brush when you pull it out! The curved brush helps you get into the of your lashes & it’s the perfect shape to your entire eyelash line! This really my eyes and a little goes a long way so you don’t need a lot to lớn bring the effect out!


Even though there are many variety of mascara in the market. I have given my whole heart khổng lồ this one. Been using it for quite sometime now and it really does what it claims.

Tips: to lớn acheive a clean ảo diệu look, just 2-3 of mascara is enough, I clean & reuse the wands as an eyebrow spoolie.

It"s a great đen non-waterproof mascara. Easy khổng lồ remove without needing a cleansing balm or an oil based cleanser. The wand is great và the product is not clumpy. I haven"t had to vì chưng any retouches when wearing it throughout the day. Only thing I didn"t lượt thích is that there is a little bit of fallout after long wear.

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! You have just found the BEST MASCARA in the entire universe if you are reading this. I don"t frequently post reviews, but this mascara is deserving. The whole day long! Never bởi I have khổng lồ retouch it! Since using this, I no longer get bothersome black flakes beneath my eyes! Additionally, this mascara claims to lớn be waterproof but is not. Amazing!! This mascara is something I will always use! Never attempt something novel! Get this now! You"ll adore it!

This is the mascara I am currently using và I find it works really well for me. I curl my lashes và then apply it. The curved shape of the brush is really handy for getting every lash, and it isn"t clumpy at all! Each lash is defined instead of lots of lashes clumping together and it looks really pretty. It also holds them in place all day without needing a touch-up, which is a bonus.

Tips: Apply after setting spray to lớn avoid fallout onto your face, especially if using on your bottom lashes.

Maybe it was just the one i bought, but i found this mascara really dry & thick. My lashes were all clumpy, và i had to put on 10 layers to achieve a natural look. I won’t be buying this again.

This is my current mascara and i am loving it ! Almost finish the tube & it hasn’t gone clumpy and glides on Nicely . Love the shape of the brush , works perfectly for both top & bottom lashes ! Will definitely be buying again

This used to lớn be my favourite mascara ever before I the Sky High one!

This mascara is amazing for lengthening, volumising and defining the lashes. It gives a really elegant và dramatic look to lớn the lashes but doesn"t get clumpy or to lớn wear. I would definitely this mascara!

Got this recently và I am a fan. The curved brush gets all the little lashes, it provides a great lift khổng lồ my lashes và lengthens without being clumpy. Only weird thing is when I remove at the over of the day. I have the non-waterproof version, và I remove with micellar soaked pads. However, it doesn"t off smoothly, it kind of off in little crumbs/dust. I thought it may have been tubing mascara? But no, just weird.

This is a very good drug store mascara , it picks up a good enough amount of hàng hóa each time & makes the lashes very dark .

Love the scent. Generous 100ml stand up tube. Hydrates và moisturises my hands leaving them… more »

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