Can, Could, Be Able To

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Hello Jake,

The future khung of can is usually "will be able to" or"be going to be able to"

For example:My best friend goes running every day. She can several miles.I can't run very far.If I run every day, in 6 months I will be able lớn run further than I can now.Or:In 6 months, I am going to be able to lớn run further than I can now.

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Yes & to add to Helen's answer the reason why you cannot have 'will can' is because they are both modal verbs và you cannot put two modal verbs together.


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Hi there Jake

Can is in the present tense. So I can go khổng lồ the supermarket.

"will be able to" expresses the future tense. I will be able to go to the supermarket tomorrow.


Hello Jake,

"Will" và "can" are both modal verbs, và it is not grammatically correct to lớn put two modal verbs together.

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in order khổng lồ express the ability in the future, you have lớn use "will be able to".

Example:present: I can drive you khổng lồ the airport.future: I will be able khổng lồ drive you to the airport.

Hope it helps :)


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Jake, Anano gives a good answer.NEVER use two modal verbs together such as "will can".Modal verbs are not lượt thích other vers with three tenses. They vị not have a past participle or third form of the verb either.present tense: I can go home.future tense: I will go home.past tense: I was at home.

Hi Jake,

The correct form is will be able to vị something.

Will can is not correct, although it does look fun. ;-)

Best of luck!

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